The Capabilities of Hybrid Additive Technologies Were Demonstrated at MAKS-2019

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Group has participated in International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019. The concept of hybrid additive manufacturing was presented within a common booth with the support of Perm Krai. Among the presented samples of products manufactured using the developed equipment were the ones made from stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and structural steels.

Hybrid additive manufacturing equipment is designed for manufacture of metal parts by means of additive wire build-up. The project combines machining centers, robotic stations and bridge-type equipment. Machining centers allow performing a variety of operations including additive wire build-up, layer-by-layer hardening (forging) and power machining (milling, drilling, tapping) of parts from a wide range of metals such as structural, stainless and heat-resistant steels and alloys, titanium, aluminium and magnesium alloys, bronze etc. Equipment structure includes home-grown plasma torches.

Hybrid additive technologies make it possible to significantly reduce costs and time needed for production planning and manufacture of products, to do without production of expensive foundry pattern equipment and punch tools, to decrease the cost of large-sized workpieces production, and to increase material utilization rate.

In order to meet the clients’ demand for bigger items we are currently developing bridge-type additive equipment with the dimensions in the range of 2,5-4 m (with the perspective of their increase to 10 m) and 20-30 kg/h capacity.

During the exhibition the capabilities of hybrid additive technologies were demonstrated to a wide range of potential customers: from small innovation and production companies to big holding ones. With the support of Conference service center a number of negotiations with aerospace enterprises was held. Besides, as a result of one of the meetings a cooperation protocol was signed with a large-scale aerospace enterprise.

Let us recall that the development of industrial equipment for additive manufacturing by means of plasma build-up method was started in April, 2020. Project participants are Perm engineering companies and small innovation enterprises specializing in R&D and engineering: Incore, LLC; Centr Electronno-Luchevyh i Lazernyh Tekhnologiy, LLC; MIP Kompleksnye Additivnye Tekhnologii, LLC. Mass production enterprise Proton-PM, PJSC acts as a project industrial partner, and one of the leading Russian universities – Perm National Research Polytechnic University – directs the research and development activities and provides the project with self-engineered plasma torches unrivaled throughout the world.


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