Integrated high-performance industrial equipment for additive build-up and further mechanical machining of products.

Russian machining centers using additive build-up technology are a new generation of high-performance additive manufacturing equipment allowing production of finished metal parts by means of wire (including standard welding one) build-up method.

Build-up, layer-by-layer strain hardening (forging) and milling can be used for the following metal materials:

  • structural steels
  • stainless steels and alloys
  • heat-resistant steels and alloys
  • titanium alloys
  • aluminium alloys
  • magnesium alloy
  • bronze etc.

Machining centers integrate high-performance additive build-up and mechanical machining functions. High efficiency of high alloy machining is ensured by the usage of one-piece cast-iron bed, electric motors and servomotors with high torque at a wide range of operation modes.


Russian machining centers using additive build-up technology are designed for small-lot and single-unit production of items made from metal wire according to 3D build-up technology with the usage of plasma heating source. The equipment features unique self-engineered plasma torches and self-developed methods and modes of build-up including unrivaled ones.
Advantages over traditional technologies:
  • no need to produce expensive foundry pattern equipment and punch tools
  • significant reduction of time and costs needed for production of large-size items
  • 5 and more times increase of material utilization rate
  • full production cycle: a welding wire and a 3D model at the beginning and a finished item at the end
Advantages over additive technologies:
  • high mechanical properties – thanks to unique plasma torches and layer-by-layer strain hardening, the build-up process makes material microstructure a lot like rolled metal structure
  • high quality built-up material – low porosity
  • possibility to manufacture large-size parts: the developed equipment line allows production of parts with 3070х1200х1100 mm dimensions, at customer’s request overall dimensions can be increased to 10 m and more
  • high build-up capacity (up to 20 kg/h or 2500 cm/h for structural steel 09Г2С)
  • maximum wire feeding – higher accuracy of irregular-shaped parts manufacture compared to alternative wire build-up equipment
  • the equipment can work at reverse polarity which ensures cathode cleaning of a build-up zone
  • layer-by-layer strain hardening (forging)
  • a wide range of materials can be used including Russian and foreign-made wires of different chemical composition and standard available Russian and foreign-made welding wires
  • wire is cheaper and more available than powders for popular additive technologies
  • 4-6 times higher capacity compared to selective laser melting (SLM)
  • minimum material losses – reduced losses of more expensive (powder) material compared to selective laser melting (SLM), direct laser metal sintering (DLMS), gas powder build-up technologies (LMD/DED)
  • no disadvantages of powder additive technologies: special safety requirements including necessity to provide protective atmosphere (protective gas supply, vacuum) are fulfilled by local protection and cathode cleaning of a build-up zone
  • no need for special tooling; more axes can be added by installation of rotary tables
  • high efficiency production of finished parts from different metals including nickel alloys (milling function)
  • equipment is relatively cheap
  • Russian-manufactured equipment
  • additive wire build-up
  • cathode cleaning of a build-up zone
  • layer-by-layer strain hardening (forging)
  • build-up zone protection
  • high efficiency power milling
  • built-in ventilation and exhaust systems
  • chip removal system
  • eye protection during build-up process
  • build-up and machining zones guarding
  • easy maintenance due to standard solutions for machining equipment
  • standard control by Siemens, Fanuc
  • local air-cooling system with ionization function
  • coolant system

Possible product configurations

Build-up of additional components: stainless steel flanges for oil and chemical industries

Build-up of box structures: moving dies

Ribbed panels: samples from aluminium alloys

Sleeve-type parts:

Rotation bodies from high-strength aluminium alloys and bronze

Disk-type parts

Housing items

Pump/turbine rotor wheels, conveying screws (try-out stage)


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