Project Info

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Group is a production and engineering consortium of industrial enterprises and universities formed with the aim of cooperative realization of a multi-purpose project on development and launch of industrial equipment for hybrid additive manufacturing.

Key focus areas of Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Group:

− research and development activities in the field of additive manufacturing

− development and production of industrial additive equipment

− manufacture of products using additive technologies

− packaged supply of additive equipment

− implementation of hybrid additive technologies

Strategic partnership agreement was signed on April 19, 2018 at Perm Engineering and Industrial Forum, and 10 months later the first results were seen. The agreement is aimed at joining the efforts of project participants to develop and master mass production of industrial equipment for hybrid additive manufacturing.

Perm National Research Polytechnic University is one of the largest national research universities in Russia. It has participated in many projects in the field of additive technologies including international ones. Their self-engineered plasma torches are unrivaled throughout the world. As a project participant the university is responsible for research and development of manufacturing technologies, studying of properties of the manufactured materials, provision of laboratory facilities, support of certification of materials and technologies needed for plasma build-up with layer-by-layer hardening.

Centr ELT, LLC is an engineering company that since 2013 has been occupied with development of welding and additive technologies. Currently, they are mainly focused on layer-by-layer build-up of titanium alloys. Besides, Centr studies plasma build-up, thermal treatment and layer-by-layer hardening technologies.

Proton-PM, PJSC is an industrial partner providing production site for mass manufacture of equipment. Proton-PM is one of the leading enterprises in the Russian space industry. They are mainly concentrated on production of liquid-fuel rocket engines for heavy-lift launch vehicles. The enterprise has 25 years’ experience manufacturing modern gas turbine electric power plants of 6; 4 and 2,5 MW capacity. Since 2012 Proton-PM has been mass-producing metal-working equipment including horizontal lathes and vertical milling machines. As a project participant Proton-PM will ensure mass production of hybrid additive machining centers, certification of production process and products.

Incore, LLC provides full range of services connected with selection, supply, implementation and maintenance of metal-working equipment. Company’s service and process departments employ specialists with more than 20 years’ experience in working with NC lathes who has put more than 500 pieces of metal-working equipment into operation.

MIT KAT, LLC was formed with the aim of organizing mass production of plasma torches, manufacture of products with the use of hybrid additive technologies, and development, try-out and sale of package solutions and equipment in the field of additive technologies.


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